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Please Check Back for Changes! We are shutting down Jesus' Outsider Ministries and transitioning to a new name, new podcast name, and some exciting changes to our direction. Look for huge announcements!

In Christ But Out of The Box!

Jesus' Outsider Ministries started as a means of reaching out and finding Christians seeking a different perspective and the resources to take on the hard issues. For us, to be in Christ but out of the box means that we have removed the shackles that restrict so many Christians whether they are cultural, denominational, or positional. Started by a couple described as "socially acceptable outcasts" even while serving effectively in ministry, JOM exists to bring that outsider perspective while still understanding the needs of everyone in the Body of Christ.


We equip you to take on some of the most challenging issues facing the Body of Christ today. As outsiders, we can say what needs to be said. Topics normally considered taboo are a huge part of our calling.


Our underlying message, regardless of the topic, is freedom in Christ. We teach Biblical truths to allow the genuine disciple of Christ to walk in the Spirit and find His way. We strive to equip Christ followers of all types from the folks in the pews to those serving in ministry to be able to serve Christ and reach out in a rapidly changing world.


Explore our site for more about who we are and what we do.

We Are In Nashville, TN!


In the summer of 2018, the Lord directed us to move our home and ministry from Central Illinois to Nashville, TN. We're very excited about this new step in serving Christ and what it will mean for us and our work to advance His kingdom.


The transition is now complete and podcast episodes have resumed. As we continue to settle in, look for new media including publications, videos, and more. As the Lords provides opportunities, we will resume organizing conferences and seminars.


As always, we are available for your events, providing guest speakers, and ministering in anyway we can to equip the Body of Christ to take on the hard issues.

We Are The Outcast, The Nobody, The Rejected.

We Have Found a Home in Him.

We Are Jesus' Outsider

Located in Nashville, Tennessee