Pstr. Mike Kerby

Ministry Director, Primary Speaker & Podcast Host

Honor, respect, and truth are to be the watchwords for all followers of Christ Jesus who are lead to engage in public discourse.

Sometimes It Takes an Outsider

to say what needs to be said, especially if it’s unpopular or difficult. That’s what this ministry is all about.


Rather than steering away from controversial or challenging issues, we head right for them. Too often, leaders feel that they cannot address what’s often directly in front of them because it might jeopardize their positions or, more often, because they haven't been equipped to deal with them.


Jesus' Outsider Ministries exists to fill in the gaps on the more difficult arenas of ministry. Rather than just stand in the gap, we equip willing ministries and congregations to face challenges that we as a church haven't faced before. With seminars, online media, and other resources, we provide the information needed to reach out and live Christ in this new and broken world.


The intent is to bring glory to God by calling the church to live up to her full potential as the spotless bride Christ longs for her to be. The program, conferences, and media challenge the status quo, call the church to repentance, and lift up the people and ministries that are breaking barriers and spreading the Gospel effectively.


We have several areas that years of hard experience combined with study and training. Please visit the conference and seminar page for more information. Feel free to contact us directly about our media or to schedule a meeting either face to face or via streaming social media.


After several years serving in Central Illinois, we are now located in Nashville, TN. With the move, we are seeking new directions to continue to grow our ability to serve the Lord. The new location gives us a greater range to travel and a better base for growing resources.

A Part of A Greater Whole

In 2014, we joined a subculture ministry group operated by the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (KMMG). After a short time, we came to the conclusion we were walking on the same path with similar goals. We joined as an affiliate ministry in April of 2015 and Pastor Mike Kerby, our director, was chosen to sit on the Board of Presbyters.


In May of 2017, the increasing intermingling of effort and needs prompted KMMG to approach us to become a full member ministry which we gratefully accepted. We serve as the media and conference arm of the ministry group. We will also be part of their equipping and educational efforts as they are a part of ours. It's a blending of teams and expertise that enhances both.


This has a number of benefits beyond providing spiritual and financial accountability. We are able to bring in additional member ministries and their teams to help with events and teaching.


It also means that we are operating as a non-profit organization with the full benefits thereof. All contributions made to Jesus' Outsider are tax deductible.

Member of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group