Where It All Started

Jesus’ Outsider is actually the third version of the program which started airing in June of 2008 as The Wicket Gate Ministries Podcast. Over the years, the audience has grown from a handful of friends to a reach that includes not only listeners in the United States but across the globe.


From the beginning, the program has been designed around tackling difficult topics and the issues of the day in the light of Scripture. Pastor Mike’s combination of humor and uncompromising delivery help to make what much of the church isn’t talking about something accessible to everyone. Sure, a sacred cow or two might get slaughtered and preconceived notions challenged but there’s a few laughs along the way.


One thing that will never happen: There is no compromise on the Word of God. We take the Scriptures very serious.


We cover a lot of topics but some have become regular themes. These include:


  • Sexuality, Porn, and Culture
  • Mental Illness and the Church
  • Manhood and Masculinity
  • Biblical Unity
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Engaging The Culture
  • Freedom in Christ


By no means is this inclusive. There’s a lot more that we talk about. The only limit is that it must have spiritual relevance to a follower of Christ or reach out to the unchurched and dechurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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