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How Are Funds Raised Used?

That's actually a great question. Here's a breakdown for you:


  1. Monthly Expenses: Each month, Jesus' Outsider has bills. These include hosting services, software licenses, and other expenses such as office supplies.
  2. Events: Each event we do, whether a large conference, morning seminar, or one we are participating in, has costs involved. In order to keep ticket costs down, we try to cover as much of the expenses out of offerings as possible. Some are incurred prior to the event and need to be covered.
  3. Continuing Education and Growth: Subscriptions and conferences needed to continue to grow the ministry. We also have projects in development that need funding.
  4. Support Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group: A tithe of all money raised goes to the benevolence fund of the ministry to help subculture ministers in need.


It's not a long list. We don't have a building so financial gifts go into the ministry and our long term goals.

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Jesus’ Outsider started as an internally funded podcast. It is now grown into so much more.


For years, we were supported by the tithes of the director with some gifts coming in on occasion. Things have changed as we begin to move into Phase Two. Our expenses have grown as have the demands on our time.


The demands on our time mean that in addition to Pastor Mike's freelance activities, we need to raise individual support as well as funds for conferences, seminars, and other events we sponsor. Some of our work, such as speaking at Audiofeed Music Festival is at our expense. We need finances to cover our expenses at provide us the time to do the work the Lord has called us to do.


There are expenses we incur each month bringing the program to you and the other media we produce. Until now, we have covered these internally. Conditions have changed. All we ask is that you prayerfully consider contributing to those costs to help us stay on the air and expand our reach. We won’t promise you any blessings for giving beyond knowing that you are helping to spread the Gospel and the preaching of the Word to the four corners of the earth.


Even before Phase Two, we began to sponsor conferences and seminars. Our first major conference, Sex, Porn, and Freedom, happened on June 25th, 2016 with the followup with even more content, The Out of The Shadows Conference in May of 2018. We have had the privilege to speak at the Audiofeed Music Festival in Urbana, IL on sexual addiction, mental illness and other topics over the last few years. We will be scheduling additional conferences as the Lord leads and provides the resources.


In order to expand our reach, we also need to cover some badly needed and long overdue tech updates in our studio and ability to do smaller seminars. Our computer system, while functional, has a limited amount of life left in it and we need a portable PA system.


We appreciate any support you can offer and, more importantly, your prayers.

Any contribution you can make will be appreciated. Our mission cannot go forward without the support of brothers and sisters that see what the Lord has laid upon our hearts to accomplish.


As a member of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (KMMG), all donations made to Jesus' Outsider are tax deductible. KMMG provides us with 501c3 status as well as financial accountability. A tithe of all money received is sent to help cover costs of the larger group.



Member of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group